Cost-saving PPE solutions for tough times

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Before Coronavirus Covid-19 hit the USA, ISHN Magazine published the headline above about how to reduce PPE costs in a May 7, 2019 article. Less than a year later, when the pandemic hit in 2020, it was all hands on deck to find and add new kinds of PPE, and the usual mayhem ensued with fake products, poorly made products, and challenges in getting any PPE at all. Now is probably a good time to assess what’s been working, what hasn’t and what are the shortfalls in employee protection.

ISHN highlights that sometimes products that cost more in the short run, save money in the long run by reducing costly mistakes, preventing injuries and reducing injuries. For example, improper fit or uncomfortable gloves can lead to multiple problems. With Covid-19, we can add new concerns- high employee absenteeism and death.

Buying from the right source is essential. ISIS allegedly used the website as a front for peddling fake N-95 mask. Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck, NJ bought over 1,000 fake respirators. Legitimate masks and manufacturers are regulated by NIOSH – the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

ESG Safe provides manufacturer to end-delivery supply chain confidence. Our manufacturer partners have solid reputations. We’ve curated only those products that we feel have had qualify issues in the marketplace or that have been in short supply. However, our partners have more products than we advertise, so if you anything else, just ask.


Occupational Safety and Health Standards – Personal Protective Equipment- General Standards

ESG Safe curates B2B products and services to improve public and workplace safety. They are best in class, often innovative game changers, and are available for immediate delivery or have short lead times. For a disinfecting solution that kills coronavirus, bacteria, black mold and that’s safe enough to also create potable water, contact us. ESG Safe is a Small Business and Women Business Enterprise.

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