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ESG Safe offers products and services that change the world for the better. They include language translation, Disinfectants, and Payment Processing Services and technology.

B2B and wholesale products short list:

  • Language translation SaaS changing how the world communicates. We enable organizations to overcome both language and dialect communication challenges for all who speak, read, and/or write different languages and/or dialects. The average translation solution today is outdated, inaccurate and or not compliant with business and government privacy needs.
  • Credit card processing cloud technology– your processor, our AI driven solution optimizes payments for compliance, efficiency and profits.
  • Biocide all-in-one disinfectant, cleaner, deodorizer. Reduces environmental impact, including fossil fuels in manufacturing, shipment, and waste disposal. Reduces risk of harmful health side effects, including asthma and cancer vs others.
  • Merchant services– authorized reseller for multiple platforms for best needs match.
  • Povid Iodine nasal spray– for employees, travel, healthcare and retail. It’s an additional layer of protection from, cold, flu and all tested respiratory viruses; trusted by thousands of pharmacists and doctors nationwide.

Disinfectant, Cleaner and Deodorant:

Why ESG Safe? Disinfecting costs have skyrocketed and chemical manufacturers are profiting. One municipality posted an RFQ for 1 year of disinfectant that we estimated would take the space of 1 mile cubed! Our equivalent product fits on a pallet- less than 4 feet cubed.

  • Application methods: mop, spray/mist/fog, manual hand spray, HVAC, rinse, soak.
  • Product Types:
    • Bulk disinfectant (various sizes – solid form, reducing environmental footprint). Less than 2% of EPA list N disinfectants come close to our Covid kill time (1 minute) and efficiency.

Product uses:

We cover every need from water purification to disinfection, our multi-use products can improve agriculture, water treatment centers, ground water, indoor air quality and more.

  • Quantities: Case and pallet
  • Availability: Typically in stock, ready to ship year round.
  • Disinfectant Hardware:
    • Foggers. Electrostatic foggers are not needed due to high potency of our product vs positive charged products that are better suited with positive charged fogger. We understand foggers are often in short supply, but when you eliminate electrostatic fogger requirement, there are many options and we can assist you in purchasing and or recommendations.
    • Automatic foam hand sanitizer dispenser
    • Manual foam hand sanitizer dispenser
    • Dispenser stand

Contactless Customer Checkout

Pick up, drop off, animals, cars, parts and more. The world of in-person payments has moved to card not present at enormous pace. Add that Business to Business (B2B) employees are often working from home so no one is picking up checks for deposit and you have a storm of needs to meet staff, customers, and security specialist requirements. Founder Christine Speedy, PCI Council QIR certified, has extensive experience in this arena. Billing, invoicing, ecommerce, omnichannel and other fin-tech cloud technology solutions reduce friction while mitigating risks. Update your technology while keeping your merchant account and financial relationships or request a full review to maximize profits and security. Microsoft AX, D365 F&O, integrated and standalone solutions.

Credit Card Processing

“Every time I talk to Christine I learn something new,” quote from a 25-year CFO of a billion dollar private company. Whether you need a better rate, better rate qualification, or better service, call 954-942-0483 for all B2B credit card processing, and specialty consumer retail such as hospitals, animal hospitals and automotive dealers.

ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.