Translation innovation for text and speech

Looking for Spanish English translation? Translate English to Arabic? ESG Safe now offers contextual and compliant SaaS automatic interpretation and translation service with our newest B2B product partner. With 90+ languages , dialects and accents, this is a game changing cloud software solution unlike anything else in the market today. Think Google translate on steroids, empowering your organization to grow internally and externally without language barriers.

What does the language translation and interpretation service do? One to one or one to many, the user and the recipients select their preferred language and dialect. Everyone hears or reads in their chosen language simultaneously. Nothing to download, nothing to install, quick and easy implementation. Need integration to your software? API integrates to your existing EMR, CRM, CMS, ERP, and other education, business, and healthcare enterprise solutions.

Overcome both language and dialect communication challenges using ​customized automated and live interpretation and translation solutions​​ with employees, partners and customers/stakeholders who speak, read, and/or write different languages and/or dialects. Available as a standalone solution, integrated solution, and or tool kit for developers to expand their own cloud software capabilities.

Problems solved:

  • Interpreter services in education. Teachers can communicate directly with parents on their schedule without delay. The community can listen and participate in school board meetings without language barriers.
  • Increase participation in global conventions, from keynote to vendor sales booths.
  • Emergency healthcare without delay. There are not enough interpreters on staff 24/7 for the multitude of languages spoken in most communities.
  • Instant ADA compliance.
  • Call center enhanced services.
  • Disaster recovery communications.
  • Global sales. Combat staff shortages by removing language barriers for all personnel.

What about Google translate and similar software translation solutions? Nothing comes close for accuracy, functionality or regulatory compliance. Contact us for a demo to see the difference.

How does it compare to interpreter on staff? Your organization may want both for various reasons. However, most organizations will have limited 24/7 availability. This is far more cost effective and solves the problem of not enough interpreters for all the languages spoken in your community. Over 400,000 speak Spanish in my area, but there are differences between Nicaragua, Mexico and other countries dialect. This solution addresses that.

Equity in education? Problem solved. Diversity in the workplace? Problem solved. Improving communications locally and globally? Problem solved.

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