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RFP Template For Foreign Language Interpretation and Translation Services

What should government Request for Proposals (RFP) include for Language Interpreter Services in 2023? Traditional RFP content are largely the same as they were ten or even twenty years ago, yet not only do we communicate differently today, the demand for services far outpaces practical availability. Technology is a huge part of our every day lives and RFP’s should be updated to include new options for translation and interpreter services.

Federal regulations require live human services if the person requests it. One could argue that’s out of date as well, but that’s the current situation. Does everyone want a live human solution? When someone ends up in the Emergency Room at 3 a.m. and it’s life or death, is there time to wait for the Swahili interpreter? When a teacher needs to speak with a non-English speaking parent, is the student better served with an immediate or same day conversation vs scheduled at some future date after coordinating for interpreter services? What if modern technology could provide an instant solution? Patients and students have better outcomes with improved communication at the time of need.

Technology solutions for translations and interpretations must meet business and regulated privacy needs. For example, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99), is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. HIPAA can impact more than just medical institutions; for example, student and employee medical emergencies, where the data must be protected. Google has been repeatedly sued over privacy issues and in response created Google Workspace for Education so that schools could use some of the Google services; Google Translate, commonly found on school web sites, is not part of that.

Accuracy of automated translations and interpretation is important. We’re a global community with local dialects. For example, USA, Great Britain, and Australia have nuances to their versions of English; even within the US there are differences. Mexico, Guatemala and Spain have Spanish variations. Additionally, the meaning of words can change based on context; is a foot a body part or unit of measurement? When assessing accuracy, it’s critical to get some information about how context and dialects impact the language results.

Modern 2023 RFQ Template For Translations & Interpretation

Entity Name recognizes that technology may equal or surpass human Translations & Interpretation in speed, cost, and or accuracy. As these technologies are newly emerging, and specifications for delivery method may vary, Entity Name will consider all solutions that address Translations & Interpretations needs.

Accuracy requirements – Does your technology differentiate between different dialects, for example, Spanish versions? Does your technology differentiate between different context, for example, medical vs mathematical as in construction? How does your technology differentiate from other technology solutions for higher accuracy?

Does your technology differentiate from live interpreter solutions for higher accuracy? How?

Security requirements- What certifications do you have? Describe how you protect data.

Privacy requirements- What certifications do you have? Describe any specifics.

How do you protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Data requirements- What data does your solution store? What is the retention policy? Preference will be given to solutions that do not store data even temporarily.

What unique characteristics/capabilities set you apart from other technologies supporting Translation and Interpretation?

Compliance: FERPA, COPPA, ADA, PII
Accuracy for the “primary languages” listed
speech to speech
speech to text
text to text
text to speech
Hybrid Automated & Live Interpretation
Security web microphone invulnerable to speech translation hacking
Simultaneous human interpretation on-site/online without traditional equipment
Converts voices of interpreters into multi-language television subtitles in real-time
Creates instant on-site and online multi-language captions
Offers contextual control (for example, school board presentation vs classroom)
One to many- Speaker presents in first language and users choose their preferred language for simultaneous translation
Supports different dialects
Speaker presents in first language, users read/speak their preferred language, and speaker hears/reads responses In English


ESG Safe is a distributor of exceptional B2B and B2G products and services. For SaaS Foreign Language Interpreter and Translation solutions that checks all the boxes you need for automated language translation and interpretation solutions. With nothing to download or install, staff can communicate immediately, anywhere.

Fuel tablets reduce emissions and fuel consumption

How can consumers and small businesses save on fuel and reduce climate harmful emissions? Blaze EcoTech patented quick dissolve solid additive technology. It’s a multi-functional catalyst formulation that works in all combustion engines, including cars, trucks, boats, small engines, large engines, and motorcycles and in all fuels, including gas, diesel and natural gas.

blaze ecotech invite code speedy

Historically, the manufacturer sold B2B, including for industrial equipment and heavy duty equipment. The fuel catalyst formula has been widely tested and is used globally. You can read some of the fuel tab case studies here, including Walmart, Route 66 Logistics, Inc., Davis County Sheriff’s Office, and Astec Industries Double Barrel Asphalt Plant.

Liquid additives for consumer cars have been around for years. Ready-to-use (RTU) plastic containers are a major problem for the environment from manufacturing to shipping and final disposition to landfills. In 2019, National Geographic said “plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Like our air, water and surface cleaner, Blaze EcoTech is sold as a small, solid tablet.

Add Blaze EcoTech to your fuel tank when filling up. Per Blaze Ecotech, most users experience fuel savings between 7% and 22%. With multiple variable factors impacting fuel mileage, it’s best to just try it yourself. I personally saw a bigger boost on my 2021 Mazda CX5 AWD fuel efficiency panel after the second fill up. This handy web site compares EPA and consumer shared data on automotive fuel efficiency so you can see how your car compares before you try it; Registration is not required to view the data.

Benefits include:

  • Improves catalytic combustion
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Increases power
  • Reduces carbon and other harmful emissions
  • Prevents engine wear for reduced maintenance cost

Will it harm my engine or void my warranty? “Using the Fuel Tabs at the recommended dosage, will never cause damage to an engine. In fact, when used correctly and frequently, it will lengthen the life of your engine.” See the FAQ here for more information

How to buy Blaze Ecotech fuel tabs:

You need a account to buy them. An INVITE CODE is required. There is no cost to register and become a customer with StoplightGO, and or to get access to the Stores. There are two options right now:

  1. Get on the Waiting List/ Join now (for free) with invite code speedy and then shop immediately.
  2. Become a StoplightGO “driver” with invite code speedy. Learn more here



Blaze EcoTech

Blaze EcoTech is powered by CFORTH LLC. CFORTH is StoplightGO’s official supplier of Products and Services. Blaze EcoTech is StoplightGO’s distributor of a unique, patented and EPA registered fuel saving catalyst which is developed and produced by the Rennsli Corp in Utah, USA (

Rennsli Corp & Ferox

Rennsli’s fuel catalyst has been patented in four jurisdictions (US, European Union, Canada and Australia) and it is also registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Rennsli-Ferox has, since 2008, shipped their products to satisfied customers in over 26 countries with a focus on the B2B industry.

ESG Safe is committed to delivering products and services to enhance business and community. Our products and services are best in class, and often innovative game changers. 100% Women owned small business enterprise. ESG Safe Founder, Christine Speedy, is a CFORTH StopLightGo Driver.

Accurate automated language translation for hospitals

Current translators breaking the budget? Delays impacting care management? Not enough translators for the number of languages spoken in your community? From patient intake forms to discharge and follow up care instructions, everything can be automated. Our HIPAA compliant medical interpretation solutions promote patient engagement to improve health care quality, safety, and patient outcomes.

  • Translate speech to text and text to speech in over 64 languages.
  • Translate text to text in over 90 languages.
  • Translate speech to speech in over 40 languages.
  • Translate voice to subtitles in over 90 languages.

This SaaS solution checks all the boxes you need to use an automated language translation solution. With nothing to download or install, your staff can communicate immediately with patient and caregivers simultaneously in their preferred language and dialect. Achieve instant ADA Compliance in minutes while generating real-time captions, subtitles, and translated voices. All translation solutions are transient, encrypted and secure. Forms  are translated and documents instantly read aloud in any selected language.

ESG Safe is committed to delivering products and services to enhance business and community. Our products and services are best in class, and often innovative game changers. 100% Women owned small business enterprise.

Translation innovation for text and speech

Looking for Spanish English translation? Translate English to Arabic? ESG Safe now offers contextual and compliant SaaS automatic interpretation and translation service with our newest B2B product partner. With 90+ languages , dialects and accents, this is a game changing cloud software solution unlike anything else in the market today. Think Google translate on steroids, empowering your organization to grow internally and externally without language barriers.

What does the language translation and interpretation service do? One to one or one to many, the user and the recipients select their preferred language and dialect. Everyone hears or reads in their chosen language simultaneously. Nothing to download, nothing to install, quick and easy implementation. Need integration to your software? API integrates to your existing EMR, CRM, CMS, ERP, and other education, business, and healthcare enterprise solutions.

Overcome both language and dialect communication challenges using ​customized automated and live interpretation and translation solutions​​ with employees, partners and customers/stakeholders who speak, read, and/or write different languages and/or dialects. Available as a standalone solution, integrated solution, and or tool kit for developers to expand their own cloud software capabilities.

Problems solved:

  • Interpreter services in education. Teachers can communicate directly with parents on their schedule without delay. The community can listen and participate in school board meetings without language barriers.
  • Increase participation in global conventions, from keynote to vendor sales booths.
  • Emergency healthcare without delay. There are not enough interpreters on staff 24/7 for the multitude of languages spoken in most communities.
  • Instant ADA compliance.
  • Call center enhanced services.
  • Disaster recovery communications.
  • Global sales. Combat staff shortages by removing language barriers for all personnel.

What about Google translate and similar software translation solutions? Nothing comes close for accuracy, functionality or regulatory compliance. Contact us for a demo to see the difference.

How does it compare to interpreter on staff? Your organization may want both for various reasons. However, most organizations will have limited 24/7 availability. This is far more cost effective and solves the problem of not enough interpreters for all the languages spoken in your community. Over 400,000 speak Spanish in my area, but there are differences between Nicaragua, Mexico and other countries dialect. This solution addresses that.

Equity in education? Problem solved. Diversity in the workplace? Problem solved. Improving communications locally and globally? Problem solved.

ESG Safe is committed to delivering products and services to enhance business and community. ESG Safe is an authorized reseller of regulated products. They are best in class, often innovative game changers, and almost always available for immediate delivery. Our team will guide you to the best solutions. 100% Women owned small business enterprise.

Biofilm: Food Safety Solutions

According to Food Safety Magazine, Biofilms, which can be resistant to disinfectants and sanitizers, remain a significant public health-related issue in the food industry. What can Food Safety managers do now to reduce harmful biofilm that increases danger to food safety and directly impacts finances by damaging equipment and reducing efficiencies? The Covid-19 pandemic produced opportunities for newer products (relative to decades old) to enter the market.

ESG Safe offers an Advanced Biocide that disinfects, deodorizes, and cleans air, water, and surfaces. With all the certifications demanded for food and staff safety, it’s a revolutionary biocide that utilizes the latest advancements in chemistry. The result?

  • Lower chemical costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced health risks to janitorial staff vs products known to cause asthma over prolonged use
  • Increased profit margins

Obliterate biofilm problems throughout the manufacturing and food service ecosystems. Want to learn more? Contact ESG Safe today.

iwave needlepoint bipolar ionization
iWave Indoor Air Quality Solution Review:

Is iWave the best air purifier solution for your commercial or residental HVAC? Air purifier solutions are exploding due to Sars Covid-19 spread concerns and needlepoint bipolar ionization air purifiers are serious contenders. We all benefit from better indoor air quality whether to reduce odors from pets and cooking, to reduce allergens, or to kill mold, bacteria and viruses. My HVAC dealer shared some iWave literature with me when we were discussing indoor air quality problems and solutions.

iWave Product overview:

IWave products by Nu-Calgon, St Louis, MO, are installed in your existing HVAC system. There’s a model for every type of A/C system from ductless mini-split to commercial systems. Nu-Calgon, formerly part of Calgon Corporation and Calgon Vestal Laboratories, has been a leader in the HVAC aftermarket for the past 70 years. The iWave uses Global Plasma Solutions (GPS), of Charlotte, NC, patented technology which targets airborne particles, pathogens and odors to clean indoor air scientifically.

Global Plasma Solutions Certifications: UL and cUL approved. GPS’s NPBI technology has been certified in accordance with UL 867 and UL 2998 as ozone-free. iWave-R example UL certification is here.

How iWave works:

Needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology.

When the fan is on, the iWave creates equal amounts of positive and negative ions which disburse through the HVAC system into the air. They seek out and bond with particles, making them bigger so more can get stuck in your air filter and less ends up on coils and in ducts. When the fan is off, the system is inactive. NPBI technology generates ions without producing ozone or other harmful byproducts just like ions created from natural waterfalls.

iWave effectiveness vs claims:

“When the ions come in contact with viruses, bacteria or mold, they remove the hydrogen molecules – without them, the pathogens have no source of energy and will die. The ions also attach to allergens like pollen and other particles, causing them to band together until they are large enough to be caught by your ventilation system’s air filter. This process is proven by independent laboratory testing to be both safe and effective.

REVIEWER: See FDA generic statement and other comments below.

“iWave air purifiers will kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the COVID-19 disease.  Through independent lab tests, iWave has been proven to kill 99.4% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus within 30 minutes.”

REVIEWER: The tests prove it can inactivate SARS-CoV2 on a surface in a lab, not the air. Also, confusing is the difference between pathogen test results wording on, vs the studies highlighted on GPS web site. The 99.4% does match a June 2020 press release. Both results are referring to reduction rate on a SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) surface strain, not inactivation in the air. It might inactivate in the air, but it’s not proven by these particular tests.

iwave sars cov-2 test resultsgps sars-cov-2 test results

Kills mold, bacteria and viruses; Reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and other airborne particles. Keeps coil cleaner.”

REVIEWER: We did not try the product. Reviews are mostly positive 4 and 5 stars on Amazon. It’s good enough that reputable HVAC dealers are using for their clients and GPS has lots of big clients using.

“iWave has proven to be the best air purifier on the market.” I’m going to cry FOUL on this claim after identifying multiple companies using the GPS technology and marketing air purifiers under different brand names, therefore the products would be equal, plus there is insufficient data and explanation to support what about the iWave is the better than others. It’s possible GPS patented technology is the best professional HVAC solution to improve indoor air quality.

What others say:

  • Consumer Reports did not include the brand in their air purifiers reviews, probably because they are not standalone units, but instead require professional installation.
  • FDA on Air Cleaners, HVAC Filters, and Coronavirus (COVID-19: In order for an air cleaner to be effective in removing viruses from the air, it must be able to remove small airborne particles (in the size range of 0.1-1 um). Provided manufacturers have data to demonstrate efficacy, manufacturers of these types of devices may market this technology to help remove viruses, including SARS-2-CoV, the virus that causes COVID-19, from the air, or to facilitate surface disinfection of surfaces within a treated area. This is an emerging technology, and little research is available that evaluates it outside of lab conditions. As typical of newer technologies, the evidence for safety and effectiveness is less documented than for more established ones, such as filtration. Bipolar ionization has the potential to generate ozone and other potentially harmful by-products indoors, unless specific precautions are taken in the product design and maintenance. If you decide to use a device that incorporates bipolar ionization technology, EPA recommends using a device that meets UL 2998 standard certification (Environmental Claim Validation Procedure (ECVP) for Zero Ozone Emissions from Air Cleaners).

Cost: Amazon and other online prices in the $260-700 range depending on the model. Since the warranty required professional installation, best to buy from the HVAC company as they may not install yours.

Safety: There no known safety concerns when professionally installed.

Maintenance: None. Stated life expectancy is about 10-15 years.

Warranty: For a valid warranty claim within three years, proof of purchase and proof of installation by a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor must be provided. 

iWave Reviewer Summary:

A widely respected HVAC contractor introduced me to the product line as something they have in their toolbox of solutions. That being said, he also says the industry is still looking for solutions or technology certified by recognized authorities such as EPA or ASHRAE, not third party labs hired by the manufacturer. It seems like a good product. Unlike EPA List-N products that are approved for fogging and misting to kill airborne pathogens like Sars-CoV2, in typically 1-10 minutes, air purifiers do not have the same type of certification. I can see both solutions being used in the same buildings. For example, when someone tests positive in a classroom or office and then exits, fogging the room is the most proven reliable way for quick re-entry.



ESG Safe staff searched the internet to learn more about the referenced products. The images shown contain content from cited manufacture and distributor web sites. Note, disinfectants are regulated by the EPA under the category pesticides as there is no specific category for disinfectants.

Products distributed by ESG Safe always meet government requirements and are verifiable on various agency web sites.

Can air purification technologies kill Covid? C&EN magazine reports.

Great article in C&EN magazine about the growth of air purification systems, the science behind it and why we should address air quality, not just masks and surface cleaning. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the most common approach used to capture airborne SARS-CoV-2, but it’s technology dates back to WW II. Ion solutions are a huge market with varied claims and effectiveness.

Some air purification systems use bipolar ionization, in which high-voltage electrodes create a blizzard of positive and negative ions from molecules in air, such as oxygen and water. Some manufacturers claim that these ions attach to viral particles in the air and weigh them down until they fall to a surface; others claim that the ions react with the virus’s surface proteins, preventing it from infecting cells.

Can needlepoint bipolar Ionization (NBPI) improve indoor air quality?

The experts say it’s critical to not use any solution that generates ozone as even a little bit can have an impact on mobridity. They conclude that air quality is probably improved with some systems, but will not support statements on their reducing risk of SARS Covid-19. For now, the ASHRAE, whose mission is to serve humanity by advancing the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields, says that “convincing scientifically-rigorous, peer-reviewed studies do not currently exist on this emerging technology”. Just like Covid treatment for people, we may never have convincing scientifically-rigorous, peer-reviewed studies in the near future. The evidence of cleaner air can be measured and can be visualized by air duct particulate levels with before and after testing.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers EPA approved HVAC solutions. ESG Safe businesses sanitizing, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with corporate environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. All products carry the certifications and compliance requirements you need, from FDA Organic to EPA registered. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.

ESG Safe is working closely with HVAC industry experts and only offers products that meet their standards of safety and efficacy, in addition to government certifications. One of our lead products is potentially a game changer for maintenance and air quality for commercial, institutional and residential needs. Contact us for the latest products.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers businesses sanitizing, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with corporate environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. All products carry the certifications and compliance requirements you need, from FDA Organic to EPA registered. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.


yacht resale
Increase yacht resale value by eliminating odors

When stepping inside a used yacht, one of the first senses we notice is smell. Is it good or bad? It’s often a major part of a decision to purchase and at what price. You’ll increase yacht resale prices by eliminating odors. Our biocide neutralizes odors, plus sanitizes air, surfaces and water, making it a strong value multi-purpose product that takes up little space on a yacht for storage.

Masking odors doesn’t work. People are smart enough to know that something is being covered up. Is there a musty or mold smell? Or does it smell like disinfectant and an air freshener trying to create a better odor? Our biocide can be used to kill mold, mildew, fungicide, slimicide and everything else, plus is carpet safe to kill pet odors. Eliminate the cause of the odor problem and neutralize odors in one product. Mop, fog, spray, or add to pools, water, and bilge.

Example uses from one product:

  1. Fog interior air and surfaces for turnover of staff and guests to protect against Covid-19 and other viruses.
  2. Spray exterior surfaces to disinfect and kill mold.
  3. Refresh, deodorize and sanitize HVAC ducts and systems.
  4. Mop floors and decks, sanitizing everything.
  5. Manual spray tight surface areas such as handles.
  6. Clean pots, pans, ventilation hoods to remove grime.
  7. Rinse vegetables to remove bacteria and extend shelf life.
  8. Eliminate chlorine and other undesirable chemicals in hot tub that can discolor chemically treated hair; clean pipes to extend life and reduce maintenance.
  9. Continually refresh air conditioning systems 24/7.
  10. Disinfect, clean, deodorize carpets, beds, chairs.
  11. Disinfect, clean, deodorize laundry room and washer, leaving inner and outer drum fresh.
  12. Kill odor causing bacteria in trash bags.
  13. Wastewater treatment and pipe cleaning.

TIP: All disinfectants require a ‘set time’ for sanitizing to work. For example, a product that has Covid kill time of 5 minutes must sit on the surface for 5 minutes before wiping.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers businesses sanitizing, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with corporate environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. All products carry the certifications and compliance requirements you need, from FDA Organic to EPA registered. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.

disinfect movie studio
Safely resuming film production with Covid disinfectant

How do you protect movie stars, production, and studio staff while filming during a pandemic? What happens if someone is identified Covid positive that was negative the day before? A key tool for safety is a disinfectant for both air and surface. With ESG Safe’s disinfecting solutions, staff can hand spray, mop, fog/mist, wash hands, and rinse food. Plus, it’s EPA approved for HVAC systems.

Coronavirus Covid-19 is not the only virus people will encounter this winter. Flu, colds and all kinds pathogens some mild, some not will spread this winter. You can’t control everyone else’s habits, including who they see, who they let into their home, where they shop or where they dine. Testing is not foolproof.

Disinfecting is critical. And not all products are alike.

ESG Safe curates B2B products and services to improve public and workplace safety. They are best in class, often innovative game changers, and are available for immediate delivery or have short lead times. For a disinfecting solution that kills coronavirus, bacteria, black mold and that’s safe enough to also create potable water, contact us. ESG Safe is a Small Business and Women Business Enterprise.

automotive disinfect
Disinfecting and contactless checkout solutions for dealer service department

Is your Dealership ESG Safe? Automotive, truck, RV and other dealers needed to rapidly transform in 2020 in response to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Suddenly, cleanliness and contactless checkout became more critical than ever. Some dealers were well into advance servicing with technology, and those that lagged are still playing catch up. ESG Safe has the solutions needed to transform or update your dealership while also maximizing profits.

What is contactless checkout for service department? Communicate with the customer with their preferred means and empower them to choose their preferred checkout method.

  • Communicate via phone, text, email
  • Check out in-store, via text or from email
  • Pay with Credit card, Paypal, and alternative methods

Due to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and FCC regulations, it’s not as simple as just letting advisors text customers. In fact, that could land the dealer in hot water with expensive fines. Most dealers know this though. The ESG Safe recommended solution uses cloud based technology:

  • Integrated with DMS or standalone via portal or app
  • Email or text customers with full audit trail- bring your own device OK because all activity is in the app; automated compliance management.
  • Upsell customer in compliant manner, proven to increase parts and new car sales.
  • Customers can forward to 3rd party payer or designate 3rd party person to pick up- this kind of flexibility changes the buyer experience and improves CSI scores.

What are the minimum the new standards for service department auto disinfecting?

  • Manual disinfect high touch points- key, fob, door handle, a/c gear shifter etc
  • Mist/fog A/c filtration
  • Interior overall mist/fog

ESG Safe recommended dealer disinfecting solution:

  1. EPA registered Covid kill rate of 60 seconds.
  2. Broad methods of application, which include mop, manual spray, fog or mist, and disperse via air conditioning systems.
  3. More chemically efficient than other products; expensive electrostatic sprayers unnecessary.
  4. No residue, harmful odors, or dangerous byproducts.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers cleaning, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with Environmental Social Governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.