Increase yacht resale value by eliminating odors

When stepping inside a used yacht, one of the first senses we notice is smell. Is it good or bad? It’s often a major part of a decision to purchase and at what price. You’ll increase yacht resale prices by eliminating odors. Our biocide neutralizes odors, plus sanitizes air, surfaces and water, making it a strong value multi-purpose product that takes up little space on a yacht for storage.

Masking odors doesn’t work. People are smart enough to know that something is being covered up. Is there a musty or mold smell? Or does it smell like disinfectant and an air freshener trying to create a better odor? Our biocide can be used to kill mold, mildew, fungicide, slimicide and everything else, plus is carpet safe to kill pet odors. Eliminate the cause of the odor problem and neutralize odors in one product. Mop, fog, spray, or add to pools, water, and bilge.

Example uses from one product:

  1. Fog interior air and surfaces for turnover of staff and guests to protect against Covid-19 and other viruses.
  2. Spray exterior surfaces to disinfect and kill mold.
  3. Refresh, deodorize and sanitize HVAC ducts and systems.
  4. Mop floors and decks, sanitizing everything.
  5. Manual spray tight surface areas such as handles.
  6. Clean pots, pans, ventilation hoods to remove grime.
  7. Rinse vegetables to remove bacteria and extend shelf life.
  8. Eliminate chlorine and other undesirable chemicals in hot tub that can discolor chemically treated hair; clean pipes to extend life and reduce maintenance.
  9. Continually refresh air conditioning systems 24/7.
  10. Disinfect, clean, deodorize carpets, beds, chairs.
  11. Disinfect, clean, deodorize laundry room and washer, leaving inner and outer drum fresh.
  12. Kill odor causing bacteria in trash bags.
  13. Wastewater treatment and pipe cleaning.

TIP: All disinfectants require a ‘set time’ for sanitizing to work. For example, a product that has Covid kill time of 5 minutes must sit on the surface for 5 minutes before wiping.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers businesses sanitizing, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with corporate environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. All products carry the certifications and compliance requirements you need, from FDA Organic to EPA registered. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.