Biofilm: Food Safety Solutions

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According to Food Safety Magazine, Biofilms, which can be resistant to disinfectants and sanitizers, remain a significant public health-related issue in the food industry. What can Food Safety managers do now to reduce harmful biofilm that increases danger to food safety and directly impacts finances by damaging equipment and reducing efficiencies? The Covid-19 pandemic produced opportunities for newer products (relative to decades old) to enter the market. ESG Safe offers an Advanced Biocide that disinfects, deodorizes, and cleans air, water, … Continue reading “Biofilm: Food Safety Solutions”

EPA orders Philadelphia company to stop making inaccurate health claims about pesticide

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03/31/2021 Contact Information:  EPA Region 3 Press Office PHILADELPHIA (March 31, 2021) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered ViaClean Technologies, operating in Philadelphia, to stop marketing the pesticide BioProtect RTU with claims that it is effective against surfaces from public health related pathogens such as the coronavirus. Although the product is registered to inhibit the growth of “non-public health” microorganisms, it is not registered to address “public health” pathogens. EPA is concerned that customers may have used … Continue reading “EPA orders Philadelphia company to stop making inaccurate health claims about pesticide”

Increase yacht resale value by eliminating odors

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When stepping inside a used yacht, one of the first senses we notice is smell. Is it good or bad? It’s often a major part of a decision to purchase and at what price. You’ll increase yacht resale prices by eliminating odors. Our biocide neutralizes odors, plus sanitizes air, surfaces and water, making it a strong value multi-purpose product that takes up little space on a yacht for storage. Masking odors doesn’t work. People are smart enough to know that … Continue reading “Increase yacht resale value by eliminating odors”

Are disinfectants safe? Are regulations adequate?

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The Sars Cov2 Coronavirus pandemic has catapulted massive growth in disinfectant and sanitizing products. But are they healthy for humans? A brief look at regulations will shake your confidence. Are current disinfectants safe? Some are, some might not be. Especially worrisome is the sheer amount of growing chemical exposure through compounding of numerous touch points via air, food, and surfaces. A recent study revealed the chemical load is even heavier in household dust, which we breath, since Covid. Disinfectants are … Continue reading “Are disinfectants safe? Are regulations adequate?”

Looking for a cheaper wholesale Covid Disinfectant than Clorox, Bioesque and others?

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Wholesale disinfectants are usually not cheap because they are mostly sold in single use, ready to use (RTU) containers. RTU’s are expensive to ship even if you’re getting them at cost. Water and fossil fuels to make the containers, and fuel to ship them all adds up. Not to mention with skyrocketing cleaning needs, they’re landfills at an unsustainable pace. There is another solution we think is better for the planet and better for humans, sustainability, equipment maintenance, HVAC maintenance, … Continue reading “Looking for a cheaper wholesale Covid Disinfectant than Clorox, Bioesque and others?”

Coronavirus disinfectant Ready to Use 1 gallon jugs- environmental disaster?

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Plastic gallon liquid containers contribute to climate change by generating heat-trapping gases at every stage of their life cycle. Plastics originate as fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases from cradle to grave, according to a May 2019 report called “Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet,” released by the Center for International Environmental Law, a nonprofit environmental law organization.What goes into making a plastic jug? Fossil fuels. Oil, gas, and coal are pulled from the earth through … Continue reading “Coronavirus disinfectant Ready to Use 1 gallon jugs- environmental disaster?”

Cleaning classrooms safely

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Especially in elementary schools, teachers ask parents to bring supplies at the start of a semester. Wipes, kleenex and paper towels used to top the list when my kids were that age. But the wipes parents are donating can be all different brands and efficiency. If a wipe kills Covid in 4 to 10 minutes, is that good enough? I don’t think so. We need to protect kids from the spread of colds, Covid and all viruses. The chemicals to … Continue reading “Cleaning classrooms safely”

Covid spread among athletes

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NCAA, NFL, NBA players all have continuing Covid positive tests despite all out efforts to stop the spread. Is it time to look at new suppliers for PPD and disinfectants? Questionable products have been procured by companies large and small, as needs sometimes outweigh supplies. Whether on the field, court, home, or just running errands, the Coronavirus Covid-19 seems unstoppable and one thing is certain- whatever precautionary measures are in place are not stopping the spread 100%. ESG Safe does … Continue reading “Covid spread among athletes”

VitalOxide Covid killer disinfectant review

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VitalOxide is a ready to use product on the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). There are wide variations in Covid killing products and this product review highlights some items procurement and supply chain staff need to know to make purchasing decisions. What is the efficacy of VitalOxide? VitalOxide delivers ready to use (RTU) as a full-strength EPA hospital disinfectant for hard non-porous surfaces, with a Covid kill rate of 10 minutes. As with all EPA disinfectants … Continue reading “VitalOxide Covid killer disinfectant review”

How safe is your Covid killing disinfectant?

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Looking for the best and safest Coronavirus Covid-19 killing disinfectant? There are four hundred and sixty nine products on EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), using thirty three different primary listed active ingredients. You have choices, but how do you pick which is best for your business? Consider the active ingredients, methods of application, application locations, price, risks, and environment. Which of these key characteristics do you need? Food contact surfaces, no wipe Ready to use or … Continue reading “How safe is your Covid killing disinfectant?”