Covid spread among athletes

basketball players

NCAA, NFL, NBA players all have continuing Covid positive tests despite all out efforts to stop the spread. Is it time to look at new suppliers for PPD and disinfectants? Questionable products have been procured by companies large and small, as needs sometimes outweigh supplies. Whether on the field, court, home, or just running errands, the Coronavirus Covid-19 seems unstoppable and one thing is certain- whatever precautionary measures are in place are not stopping the spread 100%.

ESG Safe does not claim to prevent any virus or bacteria 100%. We do however have products that may not be as widely known due to innovations in the last 5 years. About half of EPA list N covid killing disinfectants list Quaternary ammonium as the active ingredient. Quaternary ammonium, or Quats for short, have been in use for over 70 years, before 1976 legislation allowing regulation of potentially dangerous chemicals. Because quats were on the market when the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act was passed, they were allowed to stay on the market without being evaluated for safety. Many in the chemical community are questioning their safety, especially given the rise in use since the Covid pandemic begin.

Through education, we aim to help businesses more safely protect their employees, customers and the environment. For example, in speaking with a national commercial cleaning company recently, the main disinfectant they use for fogging is applied via an electrostatic sprayer. The fact is, with a more efficient disinfectant, it’s not necessary.

What’s a better way to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, MRSA and other bacteria, viruses etc while protecting the environment?

  • Replace or eliminate expensive electrostatic sprayers with low cost, variable micron sprayers.
  • Replace less efficient disinfectants, which may contain by products and chemicals that have never been tested for long term daily exposure, with stronger safer dilutable solutions.
  • Don’t buy pre-made 1 gallon bottles of chemicals. Think how much waste goes into making the bottles, which are typically not recycled due to their content, shipping the bottles, storage and more.
  • Ask an ESG Safe consultant for assistance in choosing the right products for your business.

If your school, stadium, medical office or business is getting fogged daily, do you know what chemicals are in that and what the repeated exposure of touching surfaces is? Of course not. But by studying chemicals in products, we can ascertain which are more likely to have adverse long term effects than others. For example, it’s known that janitors using cleaning agents that contain Quaternary ammonium, or “quats” for short, have a higher incidence of asthma.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers cleaning, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.