Looking for a cheaper wholesale Covid Disinfectant than Clorox, Bioesque and others?

covid disinfectant wholesale

Wholesale disinfectants are usually not cheap because they are mostly sold in single use, ready to use (RTU) containers. RTU’s are expensive to ship even if you’re getting them at cost. Water and fossil fuels to make the containers, and fuel to ship them all adds up. Not to mention with skyrocketing cleaning needs, they’re landfills at an unsustainable pace.

There is another solution we think is better for the planet and better for humans, sustainability, equipment maintenance, HVAC maintenance, , water supply, agriculture and food prep. Clorox ® , Renown ®, Bioesque ® (EPA List N Thymol ®), and other RTU’s all do what they are supposed to, mainly clean and disinfect. Ours has more uses, and uses less space. With all the certifications you expect from ESG Safe products and services. Stop filling landfills and contact us for more information.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers cleaning, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.