Coronavirus disinfectant Ready to Use 1 gallon jugs- environmental disaster?

Plastic gallon liquid containers contribute to climate change by generating heat-trapping gases at every stage of their life cycle.

Plastics originate as fossil fuels and emit greenhouse gases from cradle to grave, according to a May 2019 report called “Plastic & Climate: The Hidden Costs of a Plastic Planet,” released by the Center for International Environmental Law, a nonprofit environmental law organization.
What goes into making a plastic jug?

Fossil fuels. Oil, gas, and coal are pulled from the earth through fracking. Then they transported to factories via pipelines, trains, and trucks using more fossil fuels. The Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) estimates 12.5 to 13.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are emitted every year while extracting and transporting natural gas to create raw materials for plastics in the United States.

What is an alternative Coronavirus killer with reduced environmental impact?

The best solution is a disinfectant that is manufactured with minimal environmental impact for both the product as well as packaging. First, that means a dilutable product. Based on my calculation, a little less than half of List N (232 of 521) products are dilutable. If you eliminate Quaternary ammonium (131), there’s about 101 left to compare. Second, a solid that’s dilutable is going to have significantly lower impact on packaging, shipping and climate. By my estimate, that’s less than 5 products, or less than 1% of approved products.


Comparing ready to use one gallon jugs vs our most widely recommended dilutable disinfectant, our cost effective product disinfects, sterilizes, deodorizes, and purifies surfaces, water, and air while minimizing environmental impact. That’s not true of all products on the EPA List N, which the EPA expects to kill the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) when used according to the label directions.

About ESG Safe: ESG Safe offers cleaning, environmental improvement and PPE solutions compatible with environmental social governance goals, while improving public safety and our planet. ESG Safe’s lead disinfectant has a Covid kill rate of 60 seconds and is safe for all commercial and residential needs. ESG Safe is a Women Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise.