Biofilm: Food Safety Solutions

According to Food Safety Magazine, Biofilms, which can be resistant to disinfectants and sanitizers, remain a significant public health-related issue in the food industry. What can Food Safety managers do now to reduce harmful biofilm that increases danger to food safety and directly impacts finances by damaging equipment and reducing efficiencies? The Covid-19 pandemic produced opportunities for newer products (relative to decades old) to enter the market.

ESG Safe offers an Advanced Biocide that disinfects, deodorizes, and cleans air, water, and surfaces. With all the certifications demanded for food and staff safety, it’s a revolutionary biocide that utilizes the latest advancements in chemistry. The result?

  • Lower chemical costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Reduced health risks to janitorial staff vs products known to cause asthma over prolonged use
  • Increased profit margins

Obliterate biofilm problems throughout the manufacturing and food service ecosystems. Want to learn more? Contact ESG Safe today.