Safely resuming film production with Covid disinfectant

disinfect movie studio

How do you protect movie stars, production, and studio staff while filming during a pandemic? What happens if someone is identified Covid positive that was negative the day before? A key tool for safety is a disinfectant for both air and surface. With ESG Safe’s disinfecting solutions, staff can hand spray, mop, fog/mist, wash hands, and rinse food. Plus, it’s EPA approved for HVAC systems.

Coronavirus Covid-19 is not the only virus people will encounter this winter. Flu, colds and all kinds pathogens some mild, some not will spread this winter. You can’t control everyone else’s habits, including who they see, who they let into their home, where they shop or where they dine. Testing is not foolproof.

Disinfecting is critical. And not all products are alike.

ESG Safe curates B2B products and services to improve public and workplace safety. They are best in class, often innovative game changers, and are available for immediate delivery or have short lead times. For a disinfecting solution that kills coronavirus, bacteria, black mold and that’s safe enough to also create potable water, contact us. ESG Safe is a Small Business and Women Business Enterprise.